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How Mobile Is Your Site?

Responsive Design

Web design today is different than it was even just a few years ago. The explosion in popularity of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have dramatically changed where and how people experience the web.

The freedom of these types of wireless devices means people can access your site from virtually anywhere, and at anytime, but the variety of different screen sizes and methods of interfacing with your site also pose new challenges. If your site isn't optimized to be viewed on mobile devices, let alone to be navigated via touch, I'll bet dollars to donuts that your site's mobile experience probably isn't very pleasant.

That's where responsive design comes in! "Responsive design", in a nutshell, is a web design approach that focuses on providing the optimal web experience for a wide range of devices; from mobile phones to tablets to desktop computer monitors - After all, what works on a desktop monitor probably isn't going to work very well on a 5" handheld computer screen, and contolling your computer with a mouse is very different than navigating your phone or tablet with your fingers.

At Valentine Design Studio, we emphasize responsive philosophy so that you can rest assured your clients are getting the best experience no matter what device they're viewing your site on.

Contact us today if your site needs a 21st Century "responsive" update!